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Central Plastics' employees are highly skilled in many aspects of extrusion and coextrusion with many employees having years of experience and who are truly vertically integrated in all aspects of extrusion. We are proud to say that eighty percent of our employees have an excess of ten years of employment with the company. Our people truly make the difference!


Customer Service

Lynette Minns

Customer Service | Ext. 522 | lminns@cpi-ks.com

Vicki Martin

Administrative Assistant | Ext. 500 | vmartin@cpi-ks.com

Amanda Speice

Customer Service | Ext. 512 | aspeice@cpi-ks.com

Human Resources

Kelly Sorenson

Personnel | Ext. 539 | ksorenson@cpi-ks.com


Dennis Houghton

President | Ext. 503 | dhoughton@cpi-ks.com

Eric Houghton

Executive Assistant | Ext. 502 | ehoughton@cpi-ks.com


Leon Heidebrecht

Sales | Ext. 506 | lheidebrecht@cpi-ks.com

Bud Kline

Sales | Ext. 531 | bkline@cpi-ks.com

Tyler Suderman

Sales | Ext. 533 | tsuderman@cpi-ks.com


Mark Houghton

Vice President: Production and Operations | Ext. 510 | mhoughton@cpi-ks.com

Alan Porter

Plant Manager | Ext. 511 | aporter@cpi-ks.com

Tool and Die

Kent Houghton

Vice President: Tool and Die | Ext. 514 | khoughton@cpi-ks.com

Rick Boswell

Tool and Die | Ext. 515 | rboswell@cpi-ks.com

Mark Leach

Tool and Die | Ext. 553 | mleach@cpi-ks.com

Drew Hoffman

Tool and Die | Ext. 518 | dhoffman@cpi-ks.com


Garry Erickson

Engineering | Ext. 508 | gerickson@cpi-ks.com

Doug Rosproy

Engineering | Ext. 541 | drosproy@cpi-ks.com

Quality Control

Barry Pjesky

Quality Control - Rigid Profiles | Ext. 509 | bpjesky@cpi-ks.com

Brad Williams

Quality Control-Flexible Profiles | Ext. 507 | bwilliams@cpi-ks.com


Rob Bergstrom

Purchasing Manager | Ext. 504 | rbergstrom@cpi-ks.com


Mary Long

Customer Service | Ext. 545 | mlong@cpi-ks.com


Linda Davies

Shipping Manager | Ext. 517 | ldavies@cpi-ks.com

Susan Johnston

Shipping | Ext. 540 | sjohnson@cpi-ks.com

Cheryl Unruh

Shipping | Ext. 556 | cunruh@cpi-ks.com

Tonya Coy

Shipping | Ext. 521 | tcoy@cpi-ks.com


Dean Duske

Receiving | Ext. 544 | dduske@cpi-ks.com


Dennis Seyfert | Ext. 519 | dseyfert@cpi-ks.com

Terms of Sale

All materials sold F.O.B., McPherson, Kansas 67460, unless other arrangements are made. Invoice terms are net thirty days.


Merchandise returned to CPI will not be accepted without prior approval. Returned goods authorization must be attached before returns are accepted.


Central Plastics has a strategic partnership with Ultrafab, Inc. Ultrafab is a privately held manufacturing firm located in upstate New York. Its main manufacturing facility is approximately 20 minutes east of Rochester, NY in Farmington NY. It has micor facilities in McPherson, KS and Greenville, SC.

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